As part of Art Beats First Thursdays programme, I had the opportunity to populate a wild site with plants and love and regenerative landscaping.

Over November 2015, myself and a group of amazing volunteers weeded, moved materials, built and planted on 382 Colombo street. It was full of rocks, rubble and building foundations. Honestly my dream environment to landscape. Building foundations give such an antiquated feeling to a garden. The romantic view of nature taking over human interventions is very present within this context. We shifted larger rocks to formulate garden beds then planted hardy edible, medicinal and bee friendly plants. This space lasted for three months and offered a quiet, contemplative site that held onto the enticing aesthetic of the wilderness whilst also offering spaces and places for people.

5jan_6 copy.jpg


‘Empty Lots’ have been the most common lexicon to describe the building-less spaces throughout our CBD. So often, thriving with plants, bugs, birds, small springs and history of previous occupancy, they are far from empty. I have chosen to call them ‘humanless’, ‘wild’, ‘abandoned’. I acknowledge for sure that these spaces look messy and can be a bit of an eyesore but I wish wish wish we took the wild ways the Earth grows greens as a blueprint to guide us to gardening better. What if we spread wildflowers instead of grass? If we sprayed biodynamic fertilisers instead of toxic petrochemical pesticides? Modelling our actions on Earths process has an infinite number of benefits.