This is were Plant Gang begun. It is the only place it could have begun.

22.2.2011 occurred on the second day of my third year at of my fine arts degree at Ilam, where I was majoring in sculpture. This was a deeply unique and once in a life time experience for an artist. I was fascinated by the way we engage our consciousness to activate the physical world - on how we choose to fuse the material world with energy and worth or deny it of such. The ‘empty’ lots were often seen as waste sites, full of weeds and rubble. Far from being empty, I saw them as full of ecosystems, treasures and potential. They were only empty of human activity. Far from being full of weeds, they were simply full of wilds - an abundance of medicinal, material, traditional and beautiful plants - if only you knew how to look.

I embarked upon a range of projects that sought to activate sites through subtle shifts of materials or subtle shifts of the mind.

Guerrilla gardens, more permanent gardens, site cleans, foraging, catalogues of wilds and many more were completed over 6 years.