So many of us are experiencing the deep, hard, suffocating pain that is this iteration of life dying.

It is anger • apathy • depression • fear • powerlessness • worry • overwhelm • numbness. 

Whatever it is, it needs to be heard - by you or by others. Let yourself feel them so completely - let the grief wash over you - give it space and time to run its course. Do it with compassion and non judgement - the depth of your feeling and your grief - you have a right to it. There is no good bottling it up so it stays inside you and festers. The only way out is through. 

The next step is vital vital vital! RECONNECT WITH YOUR LOVE OF THE EARTH

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Maybe you are not having much of this? Maybe your ties have been severed. Maybe you have forgotten? Maybe the societal influences have drowned it out? Thats ok - nows the time to transform that relationship. Learn some science, watch Permaculture Principle Videos on Youtube. Look at a flower, watch birds on the wind, seek sunsets or breathe deeply - BREATHING is your connection to the outer world that can always be accessed and deepened. 

I know it can be hard to make this part of your daily practice we have so much distracting us - phones / tv / social media / drama etc. but in those moments when you are being sucked away from yourself, seek nature. Seek the beauty, the colours, the symbiosis, the patterns, the rhythms, the science, the feeling. 


LET YOURSELF FEEL THE LOVE THAT IS HERE. It is rippling through, in and around you and its your BIRTHRIGHT! It is also what is being sucked away by Capitalism and the pollutant powers - taking it back is your first act of rebellion. 

Feeling the catastrophe and feeling the love can help free you from these feelings of powerlessness. Numbing any kind of feeling freezes you, it stops you and detaches you. There is no time and place for you to be disconnected from yourself and your world right now and you don't have to be. You have a right to feel it all. Let yourself.