sustaining a good mindset within the climate crisis • 24 august 2019


So many of us are experiencing the deep, hard, suffocating pain that is this iteration of life dying.

It is anger • apathy • depression • fear • powerlessness • worry • overwhelm • numbness. 

Whatever it is, it needs to be heard - by you or by others. Let yourself feel them so completely - let the grief wash over you - give it space and time to run its course. Do it with compassion and non judgement - the depth of your feeling and your grief - you have a right to it. There is no good bottling it up so it stays inside you and festers. The only way out is through. 

The next step is vital vital vital! RECONNECT WITH YOUR LOVE OF THE EARTH


Maybe you are not having much of this? Maybe your ties have been severed. Maybe you have forgotten? Maybe the societal influences have drowned it out? Thats ok - nows the time to transform that relationship. Learn some science, watch Permaculture Principle Videos on Youtube. Look at a flower, watch birds on the wind, seek sunsets or breathe deeply - BREATHING is your connection to the outer world that can always be accessed and deepened. 

I know it can be hard to make this part of your daily practice we have so much distracting us - phones / tv / social media / drama etc. but in those moments when you are being sucked away from yourself, seek nature. Seek the beauty, the colours, the symbiosis, the patterns, the rhythms, the science, the feeling. 

LET YOURSELF FEEL THE LOVE THAT IS HERE. It is rippling through, in and around you and its your BIRTHRIGHT! It is also what is being sucked away by Capitalism and the pollutant powers - taking it back is your first act of rebellion. 

Feeling the catastrophe and feeling the love can help free you from these feelings of powerlessness. Numbing any kind of feeling freezes you, it stops you and detaches you. There is no time and place for you to be disconnected from yourself and your world right now and you don't have to be. You have a right to feel it all. Let yourself. 





We have always had a symbiotic relationship with Earth. For 10,000 years we farmed and gardened - mostly in Earths image. Today, the farmer is relegated to an industrialised process where the pressures of serving an ever growing market, huge bank loans, mechanised process, declining employment and chemical indoctrination pull the farmer ever more away from their land. A gardener, usually relegated to their backyard, is often occupied with the ornamental - with making things look perfect and tidy. Pop of colour flowers, mowing lawns, trimming hedges and spraying weeds. These two occupations, so vital and important for our physical and spiritual well being have become commodified, restricted by parameters of land ownership and devalued.

What if we reclaimed these roles of gardening and farming as your instinctual birthright, your avenue back to the Earth? The concept needs an undressing for the restrictions of the modern world. We don’t all have time / space / knowledge / inclination / a green thumb yet we can reconceptualise gardening as helping the GOOD in nature flourish, and helping the noxious (pest plants and animals) decline.

I know many people feel the pull of plants yet the practical life parameters limit ones potential for action. The largest restriction people feel is the not having ‘land of ones own’. Whether you live in a rented property or have no backyard - the physical restrictions strip away our opportunity to engage with planetary care. Below I offer you micro moments and alternative actions to empower you with the knowledge and steps you can take and implement. You don’t need to buy 20 acres and quit your job - you can begin, from the exact place you are now, to care for this epic Earth. 



There is life on earth because there is water on earth. We will survive only three days without water. Water is vital for nearly all aspects of life yet our capitalist society has commodified and polluted this sacred rain juice. The fact that ‘waste water’ exists is an absolute mind fuck! Find ways you can save and worship water. 

  • Rinse your dishes with a tiny amount of water and a scrubbing brush.

  • Grow some mint or other water loving plant under a dripping tap.

  • Wash things on your lawn instead of concrete.

  • Capture water in buckets outside.

  • Turn off your tap whilst brushing teeth (really, if you are not doing this already OMG sort your shit out)

  • Water your house plants with your bathwater

  • Water your garden in the early morning or evening to prevent evaporation.


BEFORE WE BEGIN: It is VITAL to never scatter wildflowers in native environments. You could easily threaten native species. Best to focus your attention on abandoned / marginal areas in urban environments.


We see so much grass grown throughout our public landscapes. It is easy maintenance, tough, and not too bad to look at. Yet these landscapes are dead on their feet, they offer precious little to the health and diversity of an environment. The benefits of planting wildflowers in berms, margins and urban wild spaces are vast and wonderful. We can support our precious pollinators, harvest medicine if the landscape is kept healthy (no sprays), flowers are such a joy to look upon, the soil will improve, water will be slowed in its flow from the sky to the ocean, the list goes on. 

Seeds can be scattered both at your home and within uncared for public land.

  • Purchase wildflowers from garden centres / supermarket / online.

  • You can scatter these around but it is best to plant them by hand

  • cover with a little bit of soil and water (this confirms they are in the soil and can protect them from birdies)

  • Try to do this at at time when you know rain is coming.

  • Many shrubs and trees also produce amazing flowers - ensuring a longer lasting pollen source alongside the multiple benefits of larger plants. Ask your landlord if you can plant a flowering tree in your backyard.

  • Even a wonderful task for travellers. Important to understand the native environments of wherever you are in the world - you don't want to naively introduce pests! (Again, its best to stick to urban areas.



The individualistic mode of our society tells us we need to do it all - including becoming more green. One of the most common rallying calls in ‘grow your own food’. It is such an epic task to undertake and its not for everyone. It can take a lot of energy and time to grow ones own veggies and success is not guaranteed. In the villages of our ancestors, different families would grow different veggies and the community would swap the crops. Your opportunity to engage in this localised economy is offered by Farmers Markets and veggie box subscriptions. When you purchase diffract from growers, you are supporting businesses who prioritise sustainable and regenerative food growing practices. The food is resonant with the unique vibes of your area. Veggies are often of a higher quality, grown in an efficient way. Most importantly, you are supporting families who want choose to improve the world through small scale, locally grown food.