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This is one of the legendary foragers spots. It is at the apex of the Residential Red Zone. This spot is one of the closest fields of dreams to town - well it was. These homes are some of the old villas and farmhouses settled by new residents back in the day. Theses river banks have been occupied by settlers for 100ish years. Henceforth, they were hosts to wonderfully settled gardens. Large fruit trees bore walnuts, black boy peaches, lemons, kiwifruit, grapes, and all manner of stone fruit.



Below was an incredible hideaway in the form of a stone fruit orchard. It also had lovage, celery, potatoes, parsley, parsnip and many more veggies hidden amongst the long grass. Unfortunately, as with all of the redzone, it has been mown and sprayed into a ugly and sick looking paddock with a few depleted trees popping up from the compacted earth.

around thewhitehouse_29.jpg

Raya and I loved fossicking about these houses. Many a bouquet was foraged here as were leafy dinners drenched in lemon juice. We established an impressive succulent and cactus garden at our Merivale home from the abandoned abundance.